iPhone 12 (128GB)

More Information

1. This terms and conditions apply to all customers who purchase device only. Customers will get the device without any contracts.

2. dtac online store reserves the payment to only participating banks’ debit and credit cards. No cash payment is accepted.

3. dtac online store reserves the right to ask for proof of identity (Identification card or passport) and credit card at the delivery point for any suspected fraud orders and reserves the right to cancel/revoke suspected fraud order without notice or official fraud evidence.

4. If purchased device is found to be defected before usage or unable to be switched on, please notify our staffs immediately or contact nearby dtac Service Center and bring defected device including receipt within 7 days after device receiving date. Defects must not be from usage and under defect guarantee coverage.

5. Aftersales service and product warranty start on the day you purchased device from dtac online store which specified on the receipt sent along with device. Warranty period and conditions may vary depending on type of products which its details are shown on product page. This will be kept as a record of acceptance of the terms and conditions.

6. Terms and conditions and all promotions are subject to change without prior notice. Such changes will be considered that customers are acknowledged and willing to comply once there is a notification via Service Provider’s website or any other communication channel.

7. Customers are willing to allow Service Provider [or the Company] to access and analyze recorded personal data given in smart card ID and other provided information, for the purpose of communication business benefits and VAS and promotions. Service Provider or the Company will also be able to reveal, transfer and share customers’ personal data for external agencies both domestic and international for the aforementioned purposes according to dtac website’s Privacy Policy.

8. Customers are willing to allow Service Provider [or the Company] to disclose, send and/or transfer personal data to external parties for the purpose of product delivery according to dtac website’s Privacy Policy.

9. Customers are willing to allow Service Provider [or the Company] to contact for promotional campaigns and privileges via customers’ given email address or any other communication channel provided to Service Provider.