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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of dtac Go packages for MNP customers.

  1. Switch-to-dtac with same numbers customers can apply to dtac GO promotion from today until 1 -31 Dec 2019.
  2. dtac GO service rate fees (exclude VAT 7%).
  3. The dtac internet service with EDGE/3G/4G technology is brought by Service Provider for convenience of Network customers. The service may have some limitations in certain locations or certain periods of time. The speed of 3G/4G technology usage depends on service area, number of service users, connecting devices and the set-up of devices, which means each time service is not always with the continuous maximum speed. The movement of connecting devices might also temporarily affect data transmission and data transmission technology. Customers are encouraged to study usage instructions in full details.
  4. Special dtac internet privilege for dtac GO package to get Roll over dtac internet remaining to next 1 month.
  5. For customers who change or cancel this promotion during a billing cycle, the special dtac internet Roll over privilege for next month will be expired.
  6. The right to use 3G/4G technology will be based on the number of privileged customers, including all services in and outside the 3G/4G service area.
  7. Service Provider reserves the right to manage the volume and speed of data transmission, log-in or connection to the internet service for fairness, equality and efficiency of telecommunication networks management.
  8. Service Provider does not encourage or is related to the case of customers using internet services in violation of laws or terms of service in any form. If Service Provider finds out or has received complaints on such actions, the Service Provider reserves the right to immediately terminate service provided without prior notice.
  9. International usage of dtac internet VAS will be charged according to each destination country.
  10. Rates above exclude international calls, roaming services, audio text service, premium number service and other promotion services beyond the privilege mentioned above and other fees such as packaging switching fee, downloading service via corresponding service providers. If customers would like to apply for other VAS or downloading services customers must clearly study terms and conditions of each service provider prior to applications.
  11. Unused free calls right and free dtac internet VAS are not able to carry over to next billing cycle and are not refundable or for cash transfer.
  12. The right above only applies for domestic usage only. Service rate fees above are excluded of VAT 7%.
  13. The right for dtac internet service above is the usage right for EDGE/3G/4G technology only.
  14. Thai or Thai-with-English SMS, 70 characters are counted as one SMS. English SMS of 160 characters are counted as one SMS. In the case of SMS characters exceeding limits above, it will be counted as another new SMS. Recipients might receive single or separate SMS, depending on receiving device’s capability. For symbols or special characters, character counts will be calculated differently due to system technical limitations.
  15. For customers who apply or cancel this promotion during a billing cycle, the Company will calculate service fees according to this promotion details and usage period of that billing cycle.
  16. For current customers who would like to apply for this promotion, they must hold active service status and not in temporary suspended service status.
  17. Check your calling minutes, SMS, MMS and dtac internet balance via the following channels;
    1. Minute used *121*1# or automated phone service *1888 press 2 (free of charge).
    2. Internet VAS balance, press *101*4*9#dial.
    3. 1678 dtac call center (3 baht per call, excluding VAT 7%)
  18. Customers are encouraged to study terms and conditions, service rate fees, settings, internet service area for usage convenience. The speed of dtac internet usage depends on service time period and density of service users, including the quality of connecting devices. In the case of data roaming service, service rate fees will depend on Foreign Service providers.
  19. This promotion is intended for personal use between mobile phones only. Customers are prohibited from using this promotion as a voice over IP service (VoIP). If found that there is the use for commercial purpose or access internet in the manners that are in conflicts of law or in violation of public order, service provider holds the right to cancel the service and revoke the service privilege. Service provider will collect usage fee according to normal rate per each billing cycle usage.
  20. This promotion is under service provider’s terms and conditions. Customers must additionally study terms and conditions before service application at 1678 dtac call center (3 baht per call excluding 7% VAT). The Company reserves the right to cancel and/or adjust this promotion as deemed appropriate and will communicate in case of any changes.
  21. Customers applying for Super Non-Stop Series package will be considered as willing to be transferred your account (and all usage information) to new 2.1 GHz Frequency Service under dtac TriNet Co. Ltd.
  22. Service provided by dtac TriNet Co. Ltd., 319 Chamchuri Square Building, 28th Floor, Payathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330. Tax registration ID 0105549034548.
Price Warranty Terms and Conditions
  1. The following warranty is for following product and service purchases via;
    1. Mobile phones with Postpaid dtac SIM card or
    2. New number activation or Switch-Network-Same-Number application with Postpaid dtac packages only
  2. The following cases are not under the price warranty campaign;
    1. Non-dtac package or mobile phone with SIM card purchases
    2. Purchase for package or mobile phone with SIM card offered to specific customer groups, FINN Mobile application or package purchase, purchase with premium items, wrong prices due to announcement mistakes, purchase with discount coupons, limited supply products, out-of-stock products, clearance product and special price items with credit card offers.
  3. The price comparison on mobile phone with dtac SIM cards or dtac Postpaid packages must be the comparison between similar offers for example, same Postpaid packages or same mobile phone models.
  4. The Company will warrant the prices of Postpaid package and mobile phone with dtac SIM prices on the same day via all dtac selling channels including authorized retailers. If found that selling prices in other channels are lower than prices appearing on, customers must submit the evidence which are receipts to and the Company will return the price differences to customers via discounts on next billing cycle.
    1. For the case of mobile phone with Postpaid dtac SIM card, customers will receive the difference amount value between mobile phone with Postpaid dtac SIM card available on versus submitted evidence price of mobile phone with Postpaid dtac SIM card.
    2. For the case of monthly dtac packages, customers will receive the difference as discounted monthly bills for 12 months between dtac package available on versus submitted evidence price of dtac package.
  5. Required documents for discount value verification are;
    1. Copy of endorsed national ID
    2. Receipts from mobile phones or packages purchase from
    3. References for referred better offers such as flyers, brochures with clear source of information. Customers must also clearly indicate retailers’ names, addresses and promotion period.
    4. Contact number of customer
    5. Customers must submit required document to the Company within 7 days after purchase date shown in the receipts.
  6. The Company will process the verification within 90 days. Customers must maintain active dtac user status on the date of discount recipient. After successful verification, the Company will refund service charge applying to the next billing cycle.
  7. Limit 1 privilege for 1 national ID/ month
  8. In the case of service charges refund for unqualified conditions, the Company reserves the right to determine under Company’s terms and conditions only.

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